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About us 關於我們

「保衛郊野公園」行動,是Ark Eden、香港地貌岩石保育協會、爭氣行動、創建香港、Eco-Sys Action、海下之友、西貢之友、大浪灣之友、香港地球之友、綠色社區、Green Lantau Association、綠色力量、環保觸覺、綠領行動、綠色和平、香港自然生態論壇、香港觀鳥會、香港單車同盟、香港海豚保育學會、Hong Kong Outdoors、大嶼山愛護水牛協會、島嶼活力行動、活在南丫、勃勃海洋、西貢大浪灣關注組、香港自然探索學會、長春社、世界自然基金會香港分會等機構組成。




“Save Our Country Park” alliance includes Ark Eden, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, Clear the Air, Designing Hong Kong, Friends of Hoi Ha, Friends of Sai Kung, Friends of Tai Long Wan, Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), Green Community, Green Lantau Association, Green Power, Green Sense, Greeners Action, Greenpeace, HKWildlife.net, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Hong Kong Outdoors, Lantau Buffalo Association, Living Islands Movement, Living Lamma, Living Seas Hong Kong, Sai Kung Tai Long Wan Concern Group, Society of Hong Kong Nature Explorers, The Conservancy Association, WWF Hong Kong and more.

We work together expressing one message to all people: Protect every inch of our country parks.

We organize activities to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining a balance between development and environmental conservation. We support proposals which recognize the existence values of the country parks. We promote Hong Kong as a world leading city in sustainable development.

Let’s join together in taking action and protect our home for our future generations!